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*Pies are MADE TO ORDER in a standard 9 inch pan*

​Any pie can be made Gluten Free for an additional $5 (pastry crust, per crust) or $5 (graham crust)

Graham crust can be swapped for a pastry crust for $5

Pies marked with a * can be made dairy-free for an additional $2

Fruit Pies
Specialty Pies
Cream Pies

Choose Classic (top crust) or

crumb topped

Apple* - $21
Cherry* - $23
Peach* - $25
Strawberry* - $25
Blueberry* - $28

Made in a graham cracker crust unless otherwise specified

Banana Cream Pie - $18
Chocolate Cream Pie- $17
Coconut Cream Pie- $19

Key Lime Pie - $19

(graham crust)
Lemon Meringue - $20

(graham crust)

Pumpkin Pie* - $18
Pecan Pie* - $21

Sugar Free Pies

**Can only be made in a pastry crust**

Chocolate Cream Pie - $20
Banana Cream Pie - $23
Pumpkin Pie* - $21


Coconut cream pie

Want to place an order?

Please visit our "Ordering" page for information on placing orders

Bakery Disclosure: Not everything listed on our site is available in-store at all times. We are a small bakery and simply do not have the square footage required to have all the treats we can make on display at all times. For a list of treats we have on hand, call us or check our Facebook page. We are committed to keeping a fresh variety on display for your choosing. If you need a certain amount of goodies for an event or your personal enjoyment, we are always taking orders! 

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