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We require a minimum of 3 business days (Tues-Sat) advance notice for custom orders. Custom orders are anything that we do not currently have in stock at the bakery. Orders placed within 3 days of the needed date will be subject to a 20% rush fee. Please visit our ordering page for full disclosure of ordering requirements. Orders may be picked up Wednesday - Saturday between 10 am - 4 pm.

A 50% deposit is REQUIRED to officially book your order.

We will send an e-invoice after confirming your order details.

Online Order Form

By clicking "Submit", you agree to our Policies. Please click the button below for our Policy page (it will open a new window). 

Please list how many of what item you would like. Be specific, the more details you give, the fewer questions we'll have! Messages for cakes will be written on EXACTLY as you type it, please double check for correct spelling.

#1 - 1 dozen Vanilla cupcakes with vanilla buttercream and pink sprinkles
#2 - 4 dozen chocolate chip cookies, 1 cheesecake with strawberry topping
#3 - 8 inch lemon cake with lemon filling and vanilla buttercream, "Happy Birthday Mom!" in red, with rainbow sprinkle top border
#4 - 1/2 size tiramisu, 1 dozen mini cannoli

Please also list any additional information here. Such as:
​- Allergies, if you need your items to be gluten free, dairy free, vegan, etc... 

- If someone other than you will be picking up this order, please put their name and contact number here.

-For HWS deliveries, we will need the student's full name, cell phone number, post box number at the Scandling Center, and permission to notify the student via text that they have a treat waiting there (to our knowledge the students are not notified by the staff when they have treats from us).

Allergy and Diet Friendly Notice

All of our products are produced on shared equipment.
We cannot with 100% certainty guarantee that items are free of any allergen contaminant. When placing an order, or visiting our bakery, please be sure to advise us of any and all allergies so we can properly handle your order.
Most of our recipes can be altered to accommodate gluten or dairy allergies or intolerances. For any other allergy, or diet friendly choices, please email us at, and let us know what you are looking for. We will be more than happy to help meet your needs. Ingredient substitutions can be made for an additional charge. 

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