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You're goooing to the chapel and you're gooooona get maa-aaaaried!

Or maybe you are going to the country club, winery, lake, or your best friend or family's back yard... Wherever your ceremony is taking place, a fabulous reception is sure to follow, where the second (or third) beautiful sight of the day will be showcased (the first being your reflection Ms. Soon-to-be-bride). And if your cake is not in the top three, at least get it in the top ten...frosting has feelings too. 

Click here to take a peek at our wedding cakes in the gallery to see some of our past successes... yours will be a beautiful creation as well and could be added next!

When it comes time to design your wedding cake, or discuss a dessert bar or cupcake spread, contact us with the form below so we can schedule a consultation and/or cake tasting. We would be delighted to be one more reason your guests rave about your wedding! 

Keep scrolling for information on tastings/consultations, how to reserve your date, and basic pricing!

Wedding Inquiry Form


Tastings are deconstructed and priced based on what you are trying. A tasting will include 3 unfrosted cupcakes of each cake flavor chosen, a cup of each frosting flavor chosen, a cup of each filling chosen (if chosen), and 3 pieces of any miscellaneous desserts chosen (if chosen).

Cake flavors - $3 each   //   Fillings - $2 each   //   Frosting - $2 each   //   Other desserts - $5 each

Tastings can be boxed and scheduled for pick up, or shipped if you're not local! 

Shipped tastings will be shipped 2-day or overnight depending on what you're trying (cream fillings will need to be shipped overnight to maintain temperature). Shipping and packing fee will be added to the tasting charge. An approximate shipping charge can be calculated once we receive your address, but the exact amount will be determined once we pack and weigh your tasing. Packing fee is determined by the type and quantity of things you're trying as some items require thermal packaging and ice packs. 

Cupcakes/desserts can be made gluten or dairy free for an additional $3 per flavor (please note that we do not have a certified Celiac safe kitchen, gluten contamination is possible but we are very cautious in our preparations)

Other things to consider before your consultation appointment: 


  • A general idea of what you have in mind for your wedding, ie. full tiered cake, cupcakes/sheet cakes and a mini cake, dessert bar...etc... If you really have your heart set on a multi-tiered cake, ask your venue or caterer if they have a cake cutting fee. This is an often overlooked or unknown wedding expense. Faux cake tiers can be incorporated to create your dream cake.

  • Any ideas you have for display of your items. We have a few tiered clear acrylic display towers available for rent.

  • Any photos for cake inspiration. It does not have to be one photo, we can pull elements from a few if you like one thing about Cake A and another about Cake B.

  • Two things we do not include are cake toppers and cake stands. Cake toppers are so personalized and specific nowadays and tend to be keepsakes, that we leave those up to you. Etsy and Amazon have a lovely selection of cake toppers. Most cakes do not require a cake stand and/or are too large and heavy to be supported by one. If your vision involves a raised cake, it's not impossible, a box or crate covered by a tablecloth is an age old trick (and happens to really wallet friendly).

Other Important Information:

  • Please keep in mind that we can only do a limited number of weddings per week or weekend. Weddings are (usually) huge projects and we are a small bakery.

  • Available dates are reserved on a first come, first served basis. Dates are not considered reserved until our contract is signed and/or your deposit is paid. Before booking a consultation or ordering a tasting, please check with us to make sure the date of your wedding is available. 

  • Your date can be reserved at any point with a non-refundable $100 deposit. 

  • Your deposit is transferable should you need to reschedule your wedding, as long as the new date is available on our calendar. 

  • Payment schedule: Initial $100 deposit is due to lock your date asap // Second payment is due 4 months before your wedding or at the half-way point between booking with us and your wedding (whichever is later) // Balance is due 1 month before your wedding

    • Payments taken over the phone and invoices sent for deposit, balance, or full payments will include a 5% card processing surcharge. Cash or checks will avoid the surcharge.

Pricing Basics:

  • Tiered cakes start at $4.50 per slice, certain decorations or designs will increase this price. To estimate your cake starting cost, please visit our Sizing Guide page and multiply the number of wedding cake servings for each tier by 4.5. (Semi-naked cakes will be less, since less frosting is used. Multiply by 3.5 in this case)

  • Single tiered wedding cakes are priced differently than what is listed on our Cakes & Cupcakes page for the same sized cake. We spend more time on your wedding cake than a birthday cake, and we put it on a pretty board (think about the top edge, birthday cakes have a top border, wedding cakes don't. That top edge needs to be fairly flawless to not be covered up)A 6" starts at $65, and an 8" starts at $85.

  • Cupcakes are $35 per dozen unfilled, $38 per dozen if filled. (Additional charges for certain ingredient substitutions will apply - i.e. gluten or dairy free, or special cupcake liners/wraps, and for special designs.)

  • Sheet cakes are $90 for a quarter sheet (serves about 50) and $160 for a half sheet (serves about 100). Sheet cakes are not decorated, stay in the kitchen or caterer area, and are simply sliced and served at cake time. 

  • We do deliver and set up. Delivery is based on the distance to your venue, set up is determined by what your order consists of. A dessert bar takes longer to set up than a cake, so the set up charge will reflect that. You or a representative is more than welcome to pick up your order, if you'd like to save on delivery/set up.

  • Sunday weddings have a $75 additional charge. We have no problems delivering your wedding cake or desserts, but the bakery is closed on Sundays so someone has to come in on their day off. 

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