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A Little Bit About Simple Sweets Bakery...

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The Owner's Bakery Story

I discovered my passion for baking when I was six years old, standing on a chair in the kitchen, learning to make waffles with my father, using a very old cookbook with a crack in the spine on page 487. I still have the page number memorized! That was the day I discovered vanilla; that magical, aromatic stuff that began my love affair with baking. Through the years, and after covering my parents' kitchen with flour, sugar, sprinkles, chocolate and using every utensil and bowl in the house, I created some delicious, and sometimes odd looking, sweets, cakes, and cookies.

Sometime after high school I learned there are culinary schools where you can get a degree in baking and pastry. I was like most adolescents who do not know what they want to do with the rest of their life. Apparently, you can turn your hobby into a career. Who knew? So I attended the Culinary Art Institute in Las Vegas, Nevada, and it was there that I discovered baking was a little more than a hobby for me.

I was always told to do what makes me happiest in life, reach for the stars and take a chance more than once. I knew that working in some restaurant's bakery, making the same things day after day, would eventually drive me mad!  Probably sooner rather than later, as monotony is boring. The only remaining option was self employment! No boss, yeah! This was the best, and most terrifying, decision I have ever had to make. 

But completely worth it. It brought me here and turned my dream of a having a bakery into a reality and Simple Sweets Bakery was born!

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