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Italian Sweets


Dozen Mini - $16

(with out chocolate chips)

Dozen Mini - $19

(with chocolate chips)

Dozen Large - $25

(with out chocolate chips)

Dozen Large - $32

(with chocolate chips)

One dozen minimum order per size.

Chocolate chips will be stirred into the filling.


$32 for a half size (8" square pan​​)
​$53 for a full size (9x13 pan)


Anisette Cookies - $51 / batch

Ricotta Cookies - $36 / batch

Sugar Cookies - $48 / batch

Venetians (tri-color almond cookies) - $39 / batch

Italian butter cookies - $51 / batch

1 batch = 3 dozen cookies


**Venetians and butter cookies contain almond 

Want to place an order?

Please visit our "Ordering" page for information on placing orders

Bakery Disclosure: Not everything listed on our site is available in-store at all times. We are a small bakery and simply do not have the square footage required to have all the treats we can make on display at all times. For a list of treats we have on hand, call us or check our Facebook page. We are committed to keeping a fresh variety on display for your choosing. If you need a certain amount of goodies for an event or your personal enjoyment, we are always taking orders! 

Allergy and Diet Friendly Notice

All of our products are produced on shared equipment.
We cannot with 100% certainty guarantee that items are free of any allergen contaminant. When placing an order, or visiting our bakery, please be sure to advise us of any and all allergies so we can properly handle your order.
Most of our recipes can be altered to accommodate gluten or dairy allergies or intolerances. For any other allergy, or diet friendly choices, please email us at, and let us know what you are looking for. We will be more than happy to help meet your needs. Ingredient substitutions can be made for an additional charge. 

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