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Welcome Parents, Family Members, and Friends of HWS Students!

Best news ever right? If there is a student at HWS you'd like to send some treats or a cake to for their birthday or finals or just because, you can! The delivery minimum is $20 and delivery is $15.
So even our smallest cake makes the cut! (Pun intended)
We deliver items just before student pick up hours begin to the Scandling Center Post Office, students can pick up their treats from there.
*We will need the student's full name, cell phone number, and post box number at the Scandling Center*

We require three (3) days notice for special orders (anything that is not already on display and for sale in our store). If you need something deliver
ed same or next day to HWS, please give us a call or click the button below to see what we have on hand as what we have in stock varies by day. 
(315) 759-3382

If you know what you'd like to order, either give us a call, send us an email (,or click this button: 

Otherwise, feel free to browse our products! Every page has an "I want to order" button at the bottom, so once you've chosen just click it!

Allergy and Diet Friendly Notice

All of our products are produced on shared equipment.
We cannot with 100% certainty guarantee that items are free of any allergen contaminant. When placing an order, or visiting our bakery, please be sure to advise us of any and all allergies so we can properly handle your order.
Most of our recipes can be altered to accommodate gluten or dairy allergies or intolerances. For any other allergy, or diet friendly choices, please email us at, and let us know what you are looking for. We will be more than happy to help meet your needs. Ingredient substitutions can be made for an additional charge. 

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