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Dessert Bar Items

For weddings, showers, and parties of all kinds!


Mini Cupcakes: $11 / dozen (2 dz minimum per kind)
Regular Cupcakes: $35 / dozen

*Please visit our Cakes & Cupcakes page for a full list of flavors

Mini Tarts - $12 / dozen
Fruit and Cream (seasonal fruit)

Mini Cheesecakes: 
Cupcake size (plain)- $20 / dozen
Cupcake size (with topping)- $24 / dozen

Brownies: (two-bite size)
Classic - $13 / dozen
​Peanut Butter - $14 / dozen 

Fruit Bars: (two-bite size): $17 / dozen
​Cranberry (seasonal-winter)

Party Bars: (two-bite size): $22 / dozen
(2 dozen minimum per kind)
Brownie crusted cheesecake bars with rainbow sprinkles, then drizzled with chocolate

Cake Pops: $25 / dozen
Please visit our Cake Pops page for a full list of flavors

Mini Cannoli:
Without chocolate chips: $15 / dozen
​With chocolate chips: $18 / dozen
​(chocolate chips are stirred into the filling)

Classic Cookies: (2 dozen minimum per kind)
Chocolate Chip - $
8 / dozen
Cranberry Lemon - $10 /
Double Chocolate Chip- $9 / dozen
Oatmeal Raisin - $9 / dozen

Peanut Butter (naturally gluten free) - $8 / dozen
Snickerdoodle - $9 / dozen
Thumbprints - $11 / dozen (blackberry, strawberry, raspberry)

Italian Cookies: (3 dozen minimum per kind)
Anisette Cookies - $14 / dozen
Ricotta Cookies - $9 / dozen
Sugar Cookies - $12 / dozen
Venetians (rainbow cookies) - $12 / dozen
Italian butter cookies - $12 / dozen

French Macarons: $16 / dozen (2 dz minimum)

**Naturally gluten free**      **Always contains almonds**
  Fillings available in the following flavors:     

     Chocolate Espresso
     Cookies & Cream
​     Raspberry
     Vanilla Bean
(additional $0.50 charge per dozen)
     White Chocolate

Want to place an order?

Please visit our "Ordering" page for information on placing orders

Bakery Disclosure: Not everything listed on our site is available in-store at all times. We are a small bakery and simply do not have the square footage required to have all the treats we can make on display at all times. For a list of treats we have on hand, call us or check our Facebook page. We are committed to keeping a fresh variety on display for your choosing. If you need a certain amount of goodies for an event or your personal enjoyment, we are always taking orders! 

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